Is Tomsk and National research Tomsk State University a “New Athens” in Siberia? (Томск и ТГУ – новые "Сибирские Афины")

Автор: Фан Лань Фыонг

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In the very near future, all of the students in TSU will be complete digital natives. How can this trend offer scientific, academic, economic and urban added value?And even more importantly, how do public authorities, companies, and universities, engage into providing the right frameworks to create more human and social K?

In many Western countries and cities, we tend to over-rate the role of «start ups», considering them as the holy grail of economic growth and social welfare. Recent reports show that too much public support can bring the very same wrong results as would too poor public supports do. The digital economy and the players of the new economy don't automatically produce more wealth. Quite often, the wealth that is being produced is not evenly distributed, causing serious social disruptions. From my experience in working with several cities, governments, companies, universities, I learned it is critical to build fine connections between the potential of «digital nomadism» and how this can bring more well being and widely shared well being.

The historic evaluation of the Enlightenment offers many stimulating and very concrete examples of connecting science and the society, which tend to be underestimated. It also shows how important it is to consolidate new knowledge through networks, societies and other organizations. Digital nomadism, especially in the context of Siberian cities and regions, where the built environment and infrastructures are often aging, needs to be connected with consolidated networks and new approaches to teaching, sharing and building knowledge, to doing research profiting by quasi-unlimited online resources (courses, books, papers…) and to building and providing more adequate urban environments. The real challenge in an interdisciplinary perspective is now to turn “digital potentials” into civic, scientific and urban progress.
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