How I Left The Office And Never Came Back (Как я покинула офис, и больше туда не вернулась)

Автор: Пучовска Сильвия

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I will tell you about how I left the office and I never came back. Mymain reasons and decisions were to be location independent and to be ableto have the freedom to work from anywhere. I will introduce you to thedigital nomad way of life through examples of my friends and coworkerswho I met in Bali and my own story. I will tell you about the typicalcharacteristics of a digital nomad and also about the myths thatpeople tell or show about digital nomads. I will tell you the mostimportant steps to becoming a digital nomad and the most importantchallenges that many digital nomads face. I will finish thepresentation with some tips on how to solve the challenges and enjoy thislifestyle to the fullest.
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