“Figure of Merit” for Places in Digital Nomadism Ages (“Показатель качества” для мест пребывания в эпоху цифрового кочевничества)

Авторы: Бруни Р., Младенович Д.

Текст доклада представлен в авторской редакции.

Презентация к докладу


The aim of this work is to find analogism between the “figure of merit” of electronic devices and place formulas that could be useful to explain in synthesis what could be the characteristics of a place to be considered from digital nomads to live a work experience. Digital nomads are people with particular life style: they use to live in a sustainable, cooperative and social network oriented life; for limited period and time, they choose places in line with their particular work needs and with their life style. Digital nomads could be particular target for places because they represent a form of knowledge and culture openness and could become a relevant driver for the place evolution. Places have to organize themselves to attract this segment organizing the efforts on specific interpretation matrix that could start from the “figure of merit” concept. Each digital nomad chooses his device using this approach that could be the key to provide the place value to them. This work provides a “figure of merit” formula for places toward the segment of digital nomads.
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