The Evolution of Money in Favor of Digital Nomadism (Эволюция денежных средств в интересах цифрового кочевничества)

Автор: Банков Кристиан

Текст доклада представлен в авторской редакции.



With my short presentation I would like to examine the process which, in historical perspective, helped the small groups of people to overcome the limits of the economic exchange under the form of barter. This process is actually the emergence and the development of the money-sign. During its development the money sign was a consumable good as cattle and grain, a symbolic consumable good as cowries, metal adornments, etc., then coins and paper money. During all these times the money form was a fundamental element of the form of the social exchange, giving the framework of the various types of societies. The leading principle of the evolution of the money form was the arbitrariness of the money sign, where in the final stages we have a money sign of valueless matter per se (paper), but with the potential to carry a big economic value. Nevertheless, the digital age brought a new level of arbitrariness between the money sign and its value, bringing both to a pure communicative and non-material form. Digital nomadism has to do a lot with the return to the economic form of the barter, but freed from its original limits of coincidence in time and space.
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