"Case-party": New Format of Communication

New Media on The Internet
«Case-party» is a new event, which was organized for the students who study at the Social Communications Department. It took place in the studio of new media technologies last Thursday. Everybody knew that theme of action is «Fear and Hatred in the Internet» but the program of the party was a pleasant surprise for everyone.
When coming everyone got forfeits with images, later it helped organize students in teams for problem solving. There were presented some cases with different tasks connected with the problems of using new media for negativization of personal and corporative image on the Internet. The teams had 10 minutes for solving the problems and considering possible solutions. Then they presented these solutions to the audience, starting up new discussions. While the teams were solving tasks, some commercials were presented to the audience and the participants discussed every video. For the first-year students the event looked like a talk show, where everybody had the opportunity to speak out. However, the participants were not only having a good time, but also studying. For the first-year students this event was a kind of workshop given by the students, who are a step away from graduating and beginning their careers. For example, every first-year student could have a discussion with the third and fifth-year students.
Speaking about general impression of the event, everything was great! Everyone got interested, no one felt bored or tired. The support given by Snezhana Nosova was very important for the audience.
This event didn’t look like an ordinary TV show, everyone felt comfortable, and the participants left the studio with unforgettable impressions.

Translated by Elena Moskvitina
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