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The earth's population is more than 7 billion people. And the number of Facebook users exceeds the mark of 1 billion people. — Such amazing figures! It means that every seventh inhabitant of our planet has a Facebook account. Here is another detail: the social network handles 500 terabytes of incoming information every day.
The Facebook representatives officially confirmed that the social network had patented the technology of Anti-Piracy Patent Torrent Freak. It allows to determine the legality of content that is distributed by network users. On the 3rd of December social networking giant Facebook was granted the anti-piracy patent.
How will it work? — The social platform is going to use social profile information to analyze whether shared files are “pirated” or not. For example: geographic location, preferred television shows, movies, music, hobbies, their friends, and activities in social networks.

Author: Nazarova Natalia

«Users give personal information voluntarily. It goes through the stages of processing and gets into the company storage. This kind of data has never been used to determine the legality of information and the identity of a particular client, » Facebook writes.
Potentially this technology can be used for a shadowing, not only to keep track of the movement of text «pirate files» but also various photographs that users publish. In addition, Facebook also has the idea to keep track of all «suspicious» links. We think that not all Facebook users will be happy to see that everything they do is carefully screened for hints of «piracy».
According to Facebook, the latest technology will help the company to “minimize legal vulnerability” of social network. It’s not known currently when the technology is already being used on a wide-scale.
...P.S. We want to attract your attention to another innovation: Facebook has recently launched the testing function that enables to save articles and links from the news so users can read them later.
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