New Special Edition of Networking Knowledge: Protest and New Media Ecology

New Media on The Internet
The edition includes seven papers by PhD candidates and early career researchers under the heading of Protest and the New Media Ecology and is guest edited by Keren Darmon, PhD Candidate at the London School of Economics' department of media and communications.
The special edition will investigate the difficult relations of protest and new media ecology. The articles in this issue extend the notion of New Media Ecology to include Web 2.0 and mobile platforms, namely social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
In my opinion, the result of this work is a fascinating collection of seven papers that examine protests from around the world, explore the relationship between protest and social media and offer up new terms and frameworks as well as questions for future research. This collection of articles will be useful to all who work in the field of social and mass communications.

Author: Vakhrusheva Olesya
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