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Forum «Connect-Universum Junior» (earlier — «Days of PR and Advertising at TSU») is held annually in the walls of the oldest university in Siberia. The forum attracts Tomsk students, university professors, public relations and advertising experts — all those for whom the world of social communications is an area of research and professional experience.
The Department of Social Communications, Faculty of Psychology of the National Research Tomsk State University is a permanent organizer of the forum since 2001. The organizers are trying to make this project interesting and useful to all members: to combine academic forms of scientific communication (conferences, seminars) with «formats» for youth (workshops, presentations, training).
The student Scientific Conference on Social Communications traditionally opens the forum. The plenary session of the conferencehas been held in a festive atmosphere in the conference hall of NB NRU TSU for several years. Then several thematic sections begin their work and the participants of the conference make presentations. They discuss with colleagues the issues of the prospects development in PR and advertising.

Translated by Gerachshenkova Alena

Seminars and workshops for Tomsk students, professionals and teachers can be considered as the most striking events of the «Connect-Universum Junior». Leading experts in the sphere of PR and advertising from Tomsk, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities come to share their practical experience there.
The final round of the All-Russian regional competition of student works in the field of development of public relations «Crystal Orange» has been the central event of the «Connect-Universum Junior» for eleven years. The Tomsk executive management of the All-Russian competition of student's works in the field of the development of public relations «Crystal Orange» finishes examiningthe projects by the beginning of the «Days of PR and Advertising at TSU.» They determine the winners in the stated categories. However, the administration reserves the right to choose the best PR-project according to students’ estimates. The participants make reports, and then they present the works in «a creative format»at the student's conference. After that, the winners are chosen. The authors of the best projects are announcedduring the Awards ceremony: they are the regional round winners of the All-Russian competition of student's works in the field of public relations development «Crystal Orange». The winners receive diplomas and prizes. Other participants of the Ceremony enjoy the concert performances, which a group of talented students of the Department of Social Communications NRU PT TSU traditionally prepares. The forum «Connect-Universum Junior» is always glad to welcome gifted and initiative students, practitioners, who share their professional experience with colleagues and partners supporting this long-term perspective project.
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