TSU: Surfing The Net

New Media on The Internet
Social networks swallowed modern man with head long ago. And a student isn't an exception. Our university also keeps up with the times. There are several platforms at the social networks Vkontakte, that allow to keep the track of the events of students' life. A person can dip in the thick of events without living his home.
Such publics as «Overhear at TSU», «Priznavashki TSU», «Acquaintances TSU» and «Typical fresher TSU» were created by the students in the social networks. There are many other groups and publics, but those mentioned above attracted more attention. And we would like to speak about them in details.
«Overheard at TSU». This public page is the analogue of more famous platform «Overheard». It permits to look into the life of a student deeper and find out how he or she lives. Students share everyday problems, failures or, on the contrary, tell about success, happy moments of their learning process and other pleasures of life. «Overheard at TSU» initiated other publics.
«Typical TSU Fresher» appeared after freshmen had blown the public page with their questions at the end of the summer. It is understandable, because obscurity frightens. We want to know a little more than it is written on the websites of our dear University. The administrators divided «Fresher» from «Overheard» without losing salf-control. So the problem with the bemused recruits' questions was solved.

Author: Alexandra Shabalkina
Translation: Natalya Nazarova

But soon autumn began, thigns started humming… Love appeared in the air. And the long-suffering «Overheard at TSU» began to sag under the pressure of different confessions, questions and heart wills. Two other platforms were detached from «Overheard» again.
One of them is «Acquaintances TSU». This resource allows longing students to post their forms and wait for a miracle. Who knows, maybe, Vkontakte will enable the University not only to teach students life and profession, but combine them into new cells of the society.
But, as it turned out, not everyone wants to announce about their loneliness. Perhaps, that is why " TSU Lonely Hearts" became the place of the heat of love passions. Students declared about their feelings to Маsha or Petya from different departments with amazing glibness.
Thus, we conclude that one can stay up to date outside the University too. Luckily, the learning process is still pulling us under the Alma-Mater's roof!
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