Who will Win the Battle?

New Media on The Internet
The company «Microsoft» does not like to lose and revives the popularity they have lost on the smartphone market. They are testing a new device similar to Google Glass. The device looks like glasses, but the glasses are unusual. They help to get additional information about the object you look at. For example, watching a football match you can get the statistics about the game or some information about the player. The glasses also have a camera and a microphone; some other sensors are in the work.
According to Daniel Matte, the Canalys expert, the Microsoft activity will satisfy the expectations, because the electronic accessories will be extremely popular on the market in the nearest 3-5 years, and the demand for these accessories will go up.
Another recent invention is the “clever watch” presented by «Samsung». The device can be connected with the smartphone and get the information about new messages, calls, letters, updates in social networks, etc. But you still have to get your smartphone to read the message and respond to it.

Author: Stevanovich Zorica, 1st year student.
Translation: Moskvitina Elena, 3d year student.
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