Twitter Launched Jelly Mobile App

New Media on The Internet
Co-founder of Twitter Biz Stone presented the mobile app Jelly. It is a program of questions and answers that acts through social networks. Jelly operates as follows: through a program for Android or iOS users ask questions and the answers are given by their friends through social networks. However, it is necessary to have Jelly installed if you want to respond the questions. If your friends do not know the answer, they can ask their friends. Thus, the answer can be given by extraneous people.
In the opinion of the Jelly creators, the service differs from the traditional search systems because the answers found with its help are supported with practical experience of real people, including friends and acquaintances.
In Russia, Jelly has not been available yet. Currently, English is the only language that the service supports.

Author: Elena Gubina, 3d year student of the Chair of Social Communications
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