Facebook in Court again!

New Media on The Internet
For Facebook the year 2014 began with the court proceedings: Facebook users brought an action against it.
According to the plaintiffs’ statement, Facebook uses the information transmitted in their users’ private correspondence for their own ends. Facebook users said that their messages are regularly viewed and confidential information is transmitted to the marketers and advertisers for a fee.
In the lawsuit the victims made references to the results of an independent research, the authors of which claimed that they had found evidences of Facebook «dirty» business.
«There is a general opinion that the content of messages sent through Facebook is private. It provides extremely profitable opportunities for Facebook,» – says the research.
The official representatives of the social network Facebook deny all the charges and intend to protect the Facebook’s reputation.
Earlier Facebook had already been involved in the court proceedings concerning personal data using for promotional purposes. In summer of 2013, Facebook had to pay $20 million to victims to resolve the conflict.

Author: Kukhorenko Lilia, 3d year student of the Chair of Social Communications.
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