LinkedIn 25 Hottest Skills 2013

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The rating is based on analyzing the skills and employment history of more than 259 million LinkedIn members’ profiles. Skills and experience (work history) represent the primary components of professional identity on LinkedIn.

If the skills you have on your LinkedIn profile fit one of the categories below, there’s a good chance that you started a new job or were approached by a recruiter about an open position during the past year.

1. Social Media Marketing
2. Mobile Development
3. Cloud and Distributed Computing
4. Perl/Python/Ruby
5. Statistical Analysis and Data Mining
6. User Interface Design
7. Digital and Online Marketing
8. Recruiting
9. Business Development/Relationship Management
10. Retail Payment and Information systems
11. Business Intelligence
12. Data Engineering and Data Warehousing
13. Web Programming
14. Algorithm Design
15. Database Management and Software
16. Computer Graphics and Animation
17. C/C++

Author: Gerachshenkova Alena, the 3-rd year student.

18. Middleware and Integration Software
19. Java Development
20. Software QA and User Testing
21. PR and Communications
22. Software Engineering Management
23. Information Security
24. Strategy and Strategic Planning
25. Storage Systems and Management

The digital representation of professional experience and expertise, to the extent that members choose to share, is one of the essential elements for creating a global economic graph. In this instance, the ability to help map the skills needed to obtain economic opportunity.

Here are a few key trends that appeared after reviewing the results of our analysis:

* Technology skills are highly valued. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but if it isn’t already painfully clear why Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education is a top priority for many of the world’s governments, now you know.

* We live in a data-driven world. Cloud and distributed computing (#3), data mining (#5), and data engineering (#12) being highly ranked on the list paints a picture of a world overwhelmed with information, with businesses scrambling to store, retrieve, and make sense of it all.

* Businesses are looking to grow. Recruiting (#8), business development (#9), and strategic planning (#24) are all skills that help businesses hire more employees and find new sources of revenue.

So, if a new skill were to help you in your professional career, personal life, or passion project, what would it be?
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