Department of Social Communications Receives Foreign Guests!

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On 2 March a group of experts from Germany — Roland Posner, Joerg Gleiter and Vessela Grigorieva-Posner — arrived in Tomsk. The quests had a tour around the town and enjoyed the good weather. That day the town was seeing the winter off holding the traditional festivities — Maslenitsa.

On Monday the guests from Berlin had a special program: a press conference, a round table and, of course, a tour around the Tomsk State University.

At the press conference the guests spoke about their first impressions of Tomsk as a university town and the «capital of the Festival of Russian Design 2014», as well as about the contemporary approaches to creating the appearance of the town and the university campus in the context of information and communication society.

«The Relevance of Semiotic Approach in Modern Information and Communication Society» was the central issue for discussion during the roundtable. Professor Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan, Head of the Department of Social Communications, the teachers and the students of the department took part in the roundtable.

The principal events of the first day of the Tomsk visit program were held at the conference hall of the 4th building of TSU.
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