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During the first day of the Tomsk program the experts from Germany had a tour around the National Research Tomsk State University. In anticipation of the forthcoming press conference and round-table discussion German guests got acquainted with the history and sights of TSU. Together with the Head of the Department of Social Communications, Professor Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan they visited the Zoological Museum of the TSU and the Laboratory for Cognitive Studies and Psychogenetics on the basis of the Faculty of Psychology, the place where the press conference was held. During the conference, the visiting scientists shared their impressions about the city, talked about the interconnections between architecture, social communications and semiotics.
For the guests from Germany Tomsk became the first visited city in Russia. «Tomsk seemed to me a kind of urban «puzzle», whose elements are to be combined into one unit» — said Doctor of Museology and Art History Vesela Grigorieva-Posner speaking about the town. The invited experts were impressed by the cultural heritage of Tomsk. They noted that after exploring the city the mood and hopes of productive cooperation with the Department of Social Communications became stronger.

Translated by Alena Gerachshenkova, 3-rd -year-student, the Department of Social Communications.

Professor of Theory and History of Architecture of the Faculty of Architecture at the Technical University of Berlin Joerg Gleiter confirmed the relevance of the problem set before the Tomsk and German sides. At the press conference he talked about the common ground of architecture and social communications: «Architecture is a means of mass communication. Buildings are talking to us, they can connect us to the past.»

The roundtable discussion coming after the press conference was lively and heated. The participants discussed the problems of the semiotic approach in research as well as the methodological problems of the semiotics of art and the role of semiotics in understanding architecture as a means of mass communication.

At the end of the busy day the guests were invited to an informal meeting with the staff of the Department of Social Communications where they shared their impressions of the past events in warm and relaxed atmosphere.

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