Future Cities: 10 Unique Projects. Part 2

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In the previous post I spoke about the projects, which have already been realized or planned to be realized. In this post I’d like to talk about the projects, which are in a stage of development. In my opinion, they are the most utopian and original projects.

The competition ReThink Athens was urged to find the project, which will allow rethinking the center of the antique city completely and will make it quieter and cleaner.
The winner of this competition was the project, which suggested refusing motor transport and filling the center of Athens with green zones for creation of more comfortable conditions for foot walks.

The NeoTax project became one of the most original projects of the competition eVolo 2011 Skyscraper Competition. Its main idea is construction of houses not only up, but right and left above the trees.

In the John Wardle Architects it was supposed what the Australian Melbourne can look like in 100 years time. Their Multiplicity project shows a huge megalopolis growing not only in breadth, but also up and down.
Underground and air ways will be used to move around the Future Melbourne. Over the city there will be a transparent “roof” created for cultivating food, collecting water and solar energy.

Source: http://www.qwrt.ru
Author: Vakhrusheva Olesya, 2nd year student of the Department of Social Communication, TSU
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