Future Cities: 10 Unique Projects. Part 4

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This is my last post, which is dedicated to the projects of Future Cities. Now I’d like to tell you about three projects. Two of them are incredibly beautiful, in my opinion. But I consider them to be a little utopian. And the third project isn’t utopian because Puerto-Ricans have already started its realization.

The Puerto – Rican city San Juan is one more city without cars. But, unlike Great City and Masdar, this city isn’t created from scratch, it is reconstructed.
The city authorities, concerned about impetuous reduction of population size, have invested 1,5 million dollars in urban renewal. Their main task is to refuse cars and create the most beautiful pedestrian zones.

Shang-Sui is the Chinese Future City. The MAD Architects Studio is creating the project of this Future city. The idea of honoring waters and mountains in China forms the basis of the project.
Shang-Sui is the city with a large number of multipurpose skyscrapers. In each of them inhabitants and guests will be able to use scores of public places with wildlife pieces for quiet rest and contemplation.
The authors of the project consider that high compact planning is the thing of the future. This is because the high compact planning will allow reaching any point on foot without effort, by bicycle or public transport.

Source: http://www.qwrt.ru
Author: Vakhrusheva Olesya, 2nd year student of the Department of Social Communication, TSU.

Drawing the ideas from natural forms, the Belgian architect Vincent Kallebo offered the project of the Future City for one more Chinese city – Shenzhen.
According to the architect’s idea, every building will look like a pyramid from sea stones. The architect emphasizes that this design will fill the city with the positive energy and will allow equipping flower and vegetable gardens in the inhabited towers. Besides, the stone pyramids will have wind-powered generators and solar batteries. And the high compact planning of flats and houses will reduce the role of motor transport.

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