Ways to Use Infographics to Visualize Information

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Infographics is a special method of presenting data using graphic images. The main advantage of this method is presentation of material in a simple and original form, maintaining informative and logical order. Infographics is widespread in print and electronic media, as well as various Internet resources. Currently it is used in static graphics format that makes it easy to create, download, and send the resulting image. However, this format is losing its popularity and novelty because of the increasing information saturation that is causing the search for more effective methods of information visualization. «What will become of infographics in the future?» Ross Crooks, cofounder of the infographics firm Column Five, rounds up some of the most interesting trends impacting the discipline.

According to the specialist, one of the most important trends in the development today is the use of interactive formats of infographics. Flash infographics allows presenting multiple layers of data in a single interface. It is convenient for developers and users. Another important modern trend is the use of motion and animation in infographics. This method has more impact on the audience as compared to static images. But this is not all the possibilities of infographics. Real-time data visualization and user-interface design are future trends that will change the picture of the role of infographics as a way of presenting information. «Intuitive» interactivity for the user and the ability to store, process and rapidly transmit massive amounts of data will open up new prospects for the use of infographics in various fields.

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Author: Alina Shumilova, second year student of the Chair of Social Communications
Image: www.cossa.ru
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