How Internet Resources Content Affects Consumer Buying Decision?

New Media on The Internet
The Nielsen Company conducted a very interesting study on the impact of Internet content on the process of making a purchasing decision.
Users learn three types of content on the Internet before making a decision to purchase goods. First of all, these are expert articles, reviews of independent experts, detailed descriptions of the pros and cons. Secondly, they read ordinary consumers’ reviews on forums or pages. Thirdly, they address the official site of the company, as well as the descriptions given by the representatives of the brand. Judging by the research data the experts’ reviews is the most reliable source of information. They play an important role in the choice of certain goods. Consumers are less likely to use customers’ reviews. They are not considered a reliable criterion for quality of goods. This is due to the fact that the brand agents’ comments are actively disseminated оn the internet in order to earn money.
Therefore, the most effective way to promote a brand is gathering expert opinions and evaluations, as well as the desire to improve the quality of the product, rather than creating fictional reviews on various resources.

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Author: Alina Shumilova, second year student of the Chair of Social Communications
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