"New Media: Key Concepts"

New Media on The Internet
Digital media are rapidly changing the world where we live. Global communications, mobile interfaces and Internet cultures are changing our everyday life and experiences. To understand these changes, we need a new theoretical imagination, the one that is informed by a conceptual vocabulary. And this vocabulary is able to cope with the daunting complexity of the today’s world.

The book addresses six key concepts that are pivotal for understanding the impact of new media on contemporary society and culture: information, network, interface, interactivity, archive and simulation.

The outstanding book “New Media. The Key Concepts” will help to understand and analyze the so-called “new media”. In my opinion, this book will be very useful for students, who study media, communications and cultural theory.

Source: www.bloomsbury.com
Author: Olesya Vakhrusheva, 2nd year student of the Department of Social Communications, TSU
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