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The long-awaited International Research and Practice Web-Conference «Connect-Universum-2014» bill be held on May 20-22, 2014.
Moscow, Calgary, Tobolsk, St. Petersburg, Dortmund, Hong Kong. It's not the whole list of cities whose representatives will participate in the webinar.
Many interesting issues will be discussed by professionals in the field of visual communications. Such as the role of mass media in the formation of «video clip way of thinking», using social media to promote university brand, modern trends in educational technology, digital edition as a new platform for experimental modeling media.
Not only the participants but also the organizers have prepared seriously for the conference. As the theme of the conference is «Visual Communications in new Media: Effects, Opportunities, Risks (Interdisciplinary Approach) » the organizers have tried to consider the importance of the visual aspect in holding of the Web-conference. That's why in 2014 it was decided to take speakers and listeners at the Conference Hall of the recently opened Laboratory for Cognitive Studies and Psychogenetic of TSU.
Despite its comparatively short history, the Laboratory has a very important mission for the university and its subdivisions. Different seminars are held at the Conference Hall of the Laboratory during the year. For example: in May 2013 Maria Grazia Tosto, post-doc of the University of York (UK), associate professor PF TSU held seminars for the members of the Laboratory. They were devoted to the problem of numerical knowledge, discussion the results of the International ratings of pupils' academic achievements and statistical analysis of large-scale cross-cultural studies.
Also Scientific and Educational Twin Festival making the establishment of the Russian School Twin registry was held at the Tomsk State University in the Lab last year.
There are just a few days left before the Conference «Connect-Universum-2014» but we present you the pictures of the Conference Hall of the Laboratory right now.

Author: Stevanovich Zorica, 1st year student of the Department of Social Communications TSU.
Translator: Nazarova Natalia, 1st year student of the Department of Social Communications TSU.
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