Media and Development

New Media on The Internet
From charitable donations and delivering public health messages to promoting democratic participation and state accountability, the media can play an important role in development. It can also be used as a mechanism of control and supervision or to disseminate hate speech and propaganda.

How then should we respond to the growing importance of the media? The first step is to acquire an informed and critical understanding of the multiple roles that the media can have in development. This book provides concise and original introductions to the study and practice of communication for development, media development and media representations of development. Also it highlights the increasing importance of the media, whilst at the same time emphasizing the varieties, complexities and contingencies of its role in social change.

The broad and interdisciplinary focus of this book will make it attractive to anyone with an interest in media, communication, development, politics and social change.

Author: Vakhrusheva Olesya, 2nd year student of the Department of Social Communication, TSU
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