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New Media on The Internet
Have you ever tried to imagine what the Internet looks like? How it can be represented? British artist Benjamin Redford made a sketch depicting what the Internet is.

Last year in December the artist created “Internetopia” – a crowdsourcing product in which 220 people made their contributions. The British artist supposes that today this is the biggest work of art which was created with crowdsourcing.

“Crowdsourcing is the solution of problems of any complexity and character using wisdom of millions of people” — German Gref, Sberbank of Russia. In my opinion, this definition of crowdsourcing is the most simple and exact.

You can look at «the global village» here.

Source: www.qwrt.ru/
Author: Olesya Vakhrusheva, 3rd year student, Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology, TSU
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