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New Media on The Internet
YouTube allows any user to feel like a teledirector. The largest Internet video hosting is developing the function of “view” at the same movie from different sides.

According to The Next Web, there is a video on YouTube in which any user can choose from multiple camera angles at any moment.

choose your view

At this time a new feature is tested on the video performance by indie singer Madilyn Bailey from this year’s YouTube Music Night event. While viewing the video clips, users can select the camera angle they want from a series of thumbnails on the right side of the video. During the review you can perform a smooth transition from one plan to another. The first camera shows the singer to his waist, the second shows a close-up, the third is responsible for the plan from the top, and finally, the fourth — for the overall plan.

The maximum permission of the video is 720p. In addition, it unfortunately did not manage to embed on third party web page or browse through your mobile device. The new feature is tested only on this video.

Read more: naked-science.ru/article/media/youtube-pozvolit-vzglyanut-na

Author: Natalya Nazarova, 2nd year student, Department of Social Communication, Faculty of Psychology, TSU.
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