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Recently there was the article about University grove of Tomsk State University in the Wikipedia, created by the students of the Department of Social Communications TSU.
Work with social media, including Wikipedia, is the main direction of activity of the profile workshop “Marketing communications 2.0. (work with social media)”, where advertising and public relations students improve their skills of practical use of social networks, blogs etc. for the professional communication.

“When at the beginnings we were discussing about our future work, some directions has been called, including work with Wikipedia”, said Anna Evtushenko, 3rd year student. This semester Anna works with wiki-services, she made the basic part of work on posting the article.
Julia M.Stahovskaya, Senior Lecturer of the Department of Social Communication and the Head of profile workshop “Marketing communications 2.0.” commented: “Wikipedia is a very popular and respectable site, its articles are often given out first by Google and Yandex. So publication of article about one of the objects of Tomsk State University in the free encyclopedia can be regarded as an effective promotion tool”.
Everyone knows that nowadays Wikipedia is not only the encyclopedia №1 on the Internet but one of the kind of new social media helping companies promote themselves and their products. New media discussions are more and more urgent nowadays, so it is not surprising that new media became a central point of the web-conference Connect-Universum with its theme “Influence of New Media on Consciousness and Behavior of Youth: Interdisciplinary Approach”.
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