New International Project

The Department of Social Communication at TSU has got new foreign partners: Research Center for Semiotics and Institute of Architecture at Technical University Berlin (TUB). TUB is the biggest technical university in Germany which has leading position in technical education and innovation work ( TUB recognizes the important role of humanities knowledge in technical education, particularly the German semiotics has obtained its institutional status as philosophic-linguistic study of signs here, at TUB.

The negotiation is being hold between the Head of the Department of Social Communication TSU and Professor Emeritus Dr. Roland Posner and Professor Dr. – Ing. Habil. Joerg H. Gleiter. The first join event will allegedly be the scientific conference ‘Architecture, Social Communication, and Networking Society’ which will be hold by the Chair of Architectural Theory (Institute of Architecture TUB) with the Research Center for Semiotics TUB as a partner in October, 2013.

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