Communication as Architecture? Architecture of Communication?

It happened! The presentation of the outcomes of the international conference «Architecture and Social Media in Web Society» in Berlin took place on 20 November. The team of teachers and students, who, headed by Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan, had participated in the international conference, presented their reports and spoke about the results of the conference.
The audience listened to the lectures, which had been earlier presented to the European audience. The event took more than 4 hours. All those present noted the variety of topics, which our representatives presented at the Technical University of Berlin: the concepts of Web society, the cultural codes of Siberian cities, the prospects of the society development of «digital nomads» and «digital natives», the visual environment of the Internet space, etc.
The presentation aroused great interest. Students of the Faculty of Humanities of the Tomsk Polytechnic University, who study Advertising and Public Relations, and representatives of the Tomsk mass media also attended the presentation.

Author: Marina N. Bychkova
Translated by Elena Moskvitina
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