EUPRIO - Our Second General Partner


We are ready to introduce one more general partner of the II International Web-Conference “Connect-Universum — 2014”. EUPRIO – association of PR-officers of European universities – has joint us! Today the list of EUPRIO members consists of university representatives from 30 countries. Tomsk State University in the only Russian member of EUPRIO. One of association’s goals – “to promote exchange of ideas, techniques and experiences amongst its members, both within the whole communication field and particularly from the institutions of higher education’s perspective” – agrees with the aims our practical and research web-conference “Visual Communication in New Media: Effects, Opportunities, Risks (Interdisciplinary Approach)”. Professional discussion will be dedicated to various problems, including architecture and semiotics of visual communication, psychology of perception of visual content, applying visual communication in PR and advertising, trends in graphic design and others.
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