Connect – Universum – 2014: Resume of the First Day

The first day of the II International Research and Practical Web – Conference “Connect-Universum — 2014” ended. The conference took place both online and offline. Many people from different countries contributed into it. It is possible to tell with a confidence – the start was successful: we had around 70 viewers online, the connection was perfect, reports were interesting, and insignificant hitches and technical malfunctions only added natural charm to the webinar.

The first day of the conference began with Snezhana S. Nosova’s (Senior Lecturer at the Department of Social Communication) and Irina P. Kuzheleva-Sagan’s (the Head of the Steering Committee, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, the Head of the Department of Social Communication) addresses. Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan expressed gratitude to all the researchers and experts who sent their reports and presentations to be posted on the website of this year conference: «Visual Communications in New Media: Effects, Opportunities, Risks (Interdisciplinary Approach)».

Translation: Vakhrusheva Olesya, 2nd year student of the Department of Social Communication, TSU, Russia.

In the welcoming speech Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan presented a short history of the conference and gave the idea on the meaning of the key words, that are used in the theme. For now, our conference is international and to this lath it did a long way of ten years. The word “Connect” in the name of the conference indicates its new format, as today it was shown with success. Prof. Kuzheleva-Sagan also told about the approach to understanding the phenomenon of «new media».

On the first day the reports were made by Dmitry Galkin (Doctor of Philosophy, Professor of Institute of Arts and Culture, Tomsk State University, Russia), Rikke Bøyesen (Head of Communications, Nano-Science Center, University of Copenhagen, Denmark), Ivan Kulikov (Senior Lecturer at the Department of Humanitarian Information Science, Tomsk State University, Russia), Kirill Evdakov (Art director and co-founder of the Digital-agency Rutorika), Anastasia Shynkina (4th year student of the Department of Social Communication), Elena Klimenko (Candidate of Pedagogics, Associate Professor of the Department of Informatics, Theory and Methods of Teaching Informatics in Tyumen State University, Tobolsk), Irina Guzhova (Associate Professor at the Department of Social Communication, PhD, Tomsk State University, Russia), Marina Bychkova (Senior Lecturer of the Department of Social Communication, Tomsk State University, Russia).

You will have the opportunity to see all the materials on our website later on.
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