Connect – Universum – 2014: Second Day

What connects the human body and the media? What is meant by such terms as «prosumer» and «Identity»? How dangerous is «filter bubble»? The participants of the second day of the international conference «Connect-Universum 2014» learned the answers to these questions, as well as other useful information.

Experts from eight different countries — China, Canada, Bulgaria, the USA, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ukraine and Russia — shared the results of their scientific and practical activities. All the reports were accompanied with interesting presentations and videos that were broadcast online. All the participants were able to establish connection with the Tomsk State University and perform at the conference, despite the considerable territorial remoteness and different time zones.

The first speaker, Katherine Ma, gave presentation on visual communication at the University of Hong Kong, and then showed some interesting videos.

Author: Alina Shumilova, second year student of the Department of Social Communication, TSU.

PR-specialist from Canada Sandra Brown spoke about the ways to use social media for university reputation management. She drew attention to the importance of establishing philosophy and basic principles of using social media. It is necessary to react and make communication in social media really interactive, respond to positive and negative comments, asking people if they need help with their problems. Sandra Brown has convincingly proved her conclusions on the example of using social media at the University of Mount Royal.

Speaker from Moscow, Alexei Stepanov, performed with a really interesting report. He showed that effective advertising must be simple, containing one idea, one image, one color and one form. Advertising with elaborate information misleads the potential buyer and does not fulfill its function. The topic provoked a lively discussion and a great number of questions to the speaker who talked with interest about the future of design and advertising.

The subject of the next report presented by Victor Krutkin, was unexpected and fascinating. The Doctor of Philosophy from Udmurt State University presented his paper " Body, Media: Principle of «Representativeness» and its Bounds". In his report, Victor explained in an unusual way how media are connected with corporality. In people’s mind their body is both the subject and the representation. The body performs the function of the media when the man dances, writes or draws.

Post graduate student from Ukraine Anna Polisuchenko showed her presentation on the development trends of social media and interactive television. In her work she highlighted that personalization is the main trend of the interactive television development. Personalization of content allows people to receive only necessary and interesting information. However, this trend can lead to negative consequences, such as intellectual isolation, possibility of manipulation, surveillance.

Thereafter, Christo Kaftandjiev, specialist from Bulgaria, showed his presentation about marketing technologies in virtual world. His report was accompanied with videos about augmented reality technology and other modern advertising methods.

Denis Ryabov, project manager in the Department for International Cooperation of Folkuniversitetet in Uppsala, who had graduate from the Department of Social Communication of Tomsk State University, shared his experience of working on projects in an international organization. He spoke about dissemination activity in European projects, its objectives, tools, and target audiences.

The subject of the next report presented by Kristian Bankov «From Visual Communication to the Transfer of Experience» was supplemented with an unexpected video experiment that caused a lot of questions from the audience.

Producer and copywriter of the design studio «Province» Artemy Fominykh focused his presentation on the «Province» website as a tool for the design studio promotion. He spoke about the social program «Christmas Tree, go home» and supported the idea of the previous speaker about the effectiveness of the minimalism design.

Valentina Shpilevaya, the executive director of the advertising agency «Motive», who had also graduated from the Department of Social Communication, told the audience about the modern man’s tendency to the emotional perception of information, and the importance of brand and corporate design. First and foremost, a company should develop the basic elements of identity for its promotion: logo and corporate identity. Valentina showed excellent examples of cross-cutting, the dynamic of identity and animated logos in her presentation.

The last speaker of the second day of the conference was Ann Deakin with her report on cartographic communication retrospect. Ann showed the evolution of maps and communication process through maps.

The second day of the conference was very rich and informative with interesting and unusual reports as well as good technical support.
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