Communicators from 10 Countries Joined Efforts!

Last week (20-22 May) at National Research Tomsk State University (TSU) was held a webinar organized as part of the International Research and Practical Web-Conference ‘Connect-Universum-2014’ by the Department of Social Communication of the Faculty of Psychology with the assistance of the Research Centre for Policy Analysis and Studies of Technologies (PAST), TSU and the financial support of Open Society Foundations.

The theme of the conference — ‘Visual Communications in New Media: Effects, Opportunities, Risks (Interdisciplinary Approach)’ – attracted the attention of around seventy scientists, researchers, and practitioners from different countries all over the world. 37 key speakers presented their reports at the plenary session of the conference which was held in live webinar mode. 170 participants were registered and took part in the webinar within the three days. The reports presented by all the participants are posted in the website of the conference

Professor Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan, the Head of the Conference Steering Committee, expresses her opinion about the webinar: “We are sure that ‘Connect-Universum’ has a future as a communicative platform. It is connected with new network interdisciplinary project groups and “invisible colleges” that have appeared at the platform and are pursuing topical issues of social communications and new media in modern networking information-communication society. The reports presented by researchers and practitioners from 10(!) countries of the world are its plain evidence”.

The Steering Committee is planning on publishing the proceedings based on the results of the conference in both Russian and English with the possibility to be included into the global abstract and citation database Scopus.

Contact information:
Irina Guzhova,
the Deputy Head of the Steering Committee
Tel: 8 909 53 843 68,

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