Our New Partners

The progect 'New Media — New Opportunities' has new partners: The Legislative Duma of Tomsk Region, the Media Holding Company 'Reklamny Digest', and the Communication Agency 'Motive'.

Our partnership is the result of a long-term productive collaboration. Over ten years the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Region has been supporting the regional round of the All-Russian Student Content in the Sphere of PR 'Crystal Orange'. The Department of Social Communication is the Executive Committee of the regional round of the content.

The Media Holding Company 'Reklamny Digest' has been a place for the Department stedents' internship for several yeras. The specialists of the Company deliver lectures and organize tours in order to give the idea of real work to the students.
The Communication Agency 'Motive' is not just a partner but a friend of the Department: its graduates occupy different positions in the company.

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