Key speakers / Biliarsky S.
   Билярский С.

Biliarsky Svetoslav

Bulgarian journalist, copywriter, marketing specialist.

Biliarsky Svetoslav has long-term experience in mass media. He was a copywriter in “Ogilvy&Mather” company, the creative director in “Publics” company and the editor-in-chief of “Manager Magazine”. He has developed more than 50 marketing and advertising campaigns for leading Bulgarian and international brands. At present he is engaged in the development of his Internet-marketing consulting franchise and also reads the course of lectures about brand building at New Bulgarian University. In 2008 he founded Company.


He is the author of the book “Franchising business”.


The ‘Spiders' from Mars


We have more friends and we meet them less. We have more music, but we sing less. We have more porn but less love. Meet the square life on the round Earth! I will share with you some thoughts and observations about the role of the individual as a molecule in the giant body of the Humanity that wraps the Earth in its net.