Key speakers / Braun Sandra

   Braun Sandra

Braun Sandra

PhD from University of Alabama in USA, teaches public relations writing and crisis communication at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada. She has done communications work for a hospital and a college. She also worked as an account executive for a regional advertising and public relations agency in central Florida, USA, specializing in political, corporate, and nonprofit public relations.


Her research interests focus on aspects of crisis communication, theoretical issues in public relations, public relations writing, public relations history, and the role of new media in public relations practice.

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A Case Study of the Use of Social Media for Public Relations and Reputation Management at a Canadian University


The use of social media by students is often studied. But, how can universities best use social media to promote their brand and enhance the student experience? Very little research has been done about the use of social media by higher education for recruitment, student satisfaction, and brand reputation. This is a case study of how one university in Canada is using social media to engage students and to enhance brand reputation.