Organizers / Bychkova Marina N.

Bychkova Marina N.

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Social Communication at National Research Tomsk State University (NRTSU); member of Tomsk Regional Audition of Russian Competition Among Students’ PR Projects ‘Crystal Orange’; affiliated member of Siberian Branch of Russian PR-Association; member of the Academic Board of the Faculty of Psychology NRTSU; member of Academic Committee of the Faculty of Psychology NRTSU; member of Russian Union of Journalists.

  • 1. Degree in Journalistic, Faculty of Philology, Tomsk State University (1981-1986).
  • 2. Degree in Public Relations, Faculty of Journalism, Saint-Petersburg State University (2001 – 2004)

  • 1. Special Reporter in several regional newspapers (1986-1995)
  • 2. Head of the Financial Department, Second Secretary of the City Committee of the AULYCL in Tomsk Region (1988 – 1992)
  • 3. Press-Group Chief Officer at Russian Federal Tax Police Administration (1996 – 2000)
  • 4. Head of PR Department at ‘Yanson’ LLC (2000 – 2003)
  • 5. Head of PR Department at Tomsk Advertising Information Agency ‘Troyka’ (2003-2006)
  • 6. Head of PR-Section in ‘Edinaya Rossia’ Party Tomsk Executive Committee (2006-2008)
  • 7. Senior Lecturer of the Department of Social Communication at NRTSU (2003 to date)
  • Was involved with the project ‘Concept of Advertising Campaign for Siberian Chemical Plant’ which was shortlisted in ‘Best project in the Sphere of Corporate Culture and reputation Managment’ nomination (National PR and Advertising Award).
  • One of the authors of the workbooks for PR university students which was awarded as the best educational PR-program in International Competition Among PR and Advertising Professionals ‘Zolotoy Sobol’


Author of more than 30 scientific publications on theory and practice of social communication including the following: study guide ‘The Program of Academic and Production Training for PR Students’ (2204); study guide ‘Organizing and Conducting PR-Campaigns’ (2009).

Participated in a number of scientific and scientific-practical conferences.


Social philosophy, philosophy and theory of social communication, developing communication campaigns, strategy of social entities reputation management, event-management, speechwriting, qualitative and quantitative methods of conducting communication audits for social entities, new media, civil journalistic, NET-communities.

Teaching and Academic Activity:

Disciplines for Bachelor’s Degree Program ‘PR and Advertising’ : ‘Theory and Practice of PR’, ‘Organizing and Conducting PR Campaigns’, ‘Organizing and Conducting PR Campaigns in Politics’, ‘Organization of Work of PR and Advertising Departments’, ‘Effective Strategies of Reputation Management’, ‘Public Relations in Non-Commercial Sector’, ‘PR and Advertising in Education’, ‘Pr in Social Work’, ‘Communication Audit’, ‘Integrated Communication Bases’, ‘Organizing and Conducting PR and Advertising Campaigns in the Youth Field’, ‘Internet Projects Management’.

Disciplines for the Master-Degree Program ‘PR and Advertising in the System of New Media’: ‘Bases of Social Communication Theory’, ‘Planning and Realizing of PR and Advertising Campaigns’.