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Methods of Electronic and Paper Books Presentation under Multimedia Technologies Influence





   Mitcuk Tatiana I.

Mitcuk Tatiana I.

Fourth-year student of Faculty of Media Communications National Research University Higher School Of Economics.


Methods of Electronic and Paper Books Presentation under Multimedia Technologies Influence.


In the age of electronic media, the development of computer technology, there is a question about the future of printed materials, primarily newspapers and books. This research paper is intended to identify specific features of multimedia technologies’ influence on methods of electronic and paper books' presentation in the digital age. This subject is insufficiently developed in contemporary science as this direction is young but it starts to go in parallel with the existing things: there are old technologies of books presentations which are still acting but receding into the past, while multimedia technologies are still a future which is still not activated. This is explained by late realization of necessity of such technologies for book existence in digital society, and as the situation at paper and electronic book market gets more complicated it is possible to forecast the accelerated process of mastering such technologies and attempt to "catch up" with the situation missed at the very beginning. Book culture continues to exist in the epoch of screen culture, changing and transforming. With the advent of computer technology book was sidelined and was forced to adjust to life in the information society, using a variety of modern technologies, including multimedia.