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О себе

I am Ratnesh Dwivedi in India. An Assistant Professor,on-line Journalist and Media academician. My research interest varies from Broadcast Journalism, Political Communication,Intercultural and International Communication,Media and industry to Liguistics and Philosophy.Practically I prefer doing conceptual,Descriptive,Analytical and Historical research while applying empirical and textual methodologies. I have presented my papers in various international conferences including in Russia,Germany and India. I have taught in different Universities in India at undergraduate and Post Graduate level and currently serving as Assistant Professor at Amity University,India since September 2008.


Пол: мужской
Дата рождения: 30 октября 1975
Местоположение: Индия
Last name / Фамилия: Dwivedi
Firest name / Имя: Ratnesh
Place of employment / Место работы: India
Position / Должность: Asst Professor
Academic rank, Academic degree / Ученое звание, Ученая степень: M.A.(Journalism and Mass Communication)
The title of report / Название доклада: A Decisive Social Media: Domination of Social Media in Deciding News Content-A Case Study of American Media and Trayvon Martin Tragedy
Tel., e-mail / Тел., e-mail: rtnsh_dwivedi@yahoo.com
Mailing address for the delivery of the issue / Почтовый адрес для рассылки сборника: C-502,The Crescent Apt,Plot-F-2,Sect-50,Noida,U.P.,India-201301


Сайт: www.works.bepress.com/ratnesh_dwivedi


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