Art Museum: Temple or Forum?

Connect-universum 2012
Autor: V. Posner.


This paper focuses on the problem of attracting young people to the art museums at the age of computers. Why should a young man stay in a line and pay money to see such moving expositions if he can just go on the Internet and get it for free all at once? What kind of motivation is he supposed to have in order to be immune to the temptation to use new media?

This issue has generated socio-cultural polemic around the process of ‘democratization of the cultural legacy’ and has become the basis for re-evaluating the essence and purpose of a museum as a social institution.

The author comes to the conclusion that young people expect a museum to be a temple and a forum, but not limited and anonymous. New media are not an alternative or a threat to museums. As usually, the human factor is key. New media technologies provide unlimited excess to everything and, along with that, create problems for a museum as a cultural institution. But they also offer limitless new opportunities for everybody -professionals and the whole society- and these opportunities should be used productively in order to create and transfer cultural memory and true art.

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