Facebook Innovation: Video Advertising in the Site Mobile Version

New Media on The Internet
In March 2014 representatives of the social network Facebook announced the start of sales of video advertising in the mobile site version.
Video advertising will appear in the users’ mobile device news. Commercials will be played automatically without sound or with it, if a user desires. Duration of an ad will amount to 15 seconds.
To date, only a small group of advertisers has access to video ads. However, according to the announcement of the social network representatives, this option will become available to all advertisers in the future.
Facebook intends to closely monitor their users’ interaction with these ads by using different services. «We're doing these steps to maintain the highest quality of ads on Facebook and help advertisers understand what works better in order to maximize their return from investment,» – it is said in the company blog.

Author: Liliya Kukhorenko, 3d year student of the Department of Social Communications.
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