How companies achieve their marketing goals toward youngers with social networks?

Connect-universum 2012
Authors: Sansone M., Bruni R..


This work examines the role of social network sites as tool used by companies to achieve marketing goals. As known from the main business literature, the social network represents one of the most important instrument to improve the company fame by strengthening the affection of customers to the brand. For this reason some companies use these tools to build relations and “contacts” with customers all over the world.
The population of social networks users is made, for the most part, of youngsters (people belonging to the 13 — 30 years old cluster). In the last years, with the social web networking, social communication loses the exclusive “social meaning” and social network sites become strategic instruments for the construction of powerful relationsthat connect people with people and people with firms.
This work is aimed at clarifying the genesis and the evolution of the relations between companies and potential customers, focusing on the tools used by the firm to achieve their marketing goals through social network sites (SNSs). First of all, the work proposes the recognition of some studies about the origin of web social network and their links with marketing strategies. Secondly, it considers marketing goals achieved from any companies through Social Networking with a particular focus on advertising through web social networking.

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