Influence of New Media on Human Brain

Connect-universum 2012
Author: Greenfield S.A.

Topic of report: Influence of New Media on Human Brain

What we care to look at in this talk is an exiting question that not just interest scientists but also interest parents, employers, and indeed, and the citizens of the 21st century. And the reason is that concerns the brain. I like this picture of the brain where you can see someone actually holding a human brain because it brings home to you just how special you are and yet how mysterious the brain is. It reminds me of when I was student in Oxford and we had to dissect a human brain and these brains are wheeled in and in pots on trolleys, and you are wearing cloves because the brain is in a fixative that preserves it so you wouldn’t cut it up. But I do remember, on this very special day, when I was holding the brain, thinking, if I was not wearing gloves and I got a little nit of brain tissue under my fingernail – would that be a bit somebody loved with? Would that be a memory? Would that be a hope? How could you have a hope under your fingernail? And it was this idea of this very boring, sludgy, very uninteresting object that you could hold in one hand and how that translated into all the things we feel special about ourselves, and about our emotions, and about humanity generally. How the one linked to the other.

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