The Chronicles of Berlin: touch to the semiotics world

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Teachers and students of the Chair of Social Communications of TSU traveled to the capital of Germany to participate in the scientific conference «Architecture and Social Media in Society Network» organized by the Technical University of Berlin (TUB).In addition to participating in the conference, our teachers and students visited the library of the Center of Semiotics Research of TUB, which became one of the culmination points of the trip. The director of the center, Roland Pozner, Professor of Linguistics and Semiotics, the President of the SemioticSociety in Germany presented the center to the guests from Tomsk, who got acquainted with the various literature in all the existing directions of semiotics. The books collected in the library are about the semiotics of culture, history, public statements, musical texts, cars, photos, virtual space, ergonomic semiotics and many other things. There are books in different languages such as German, English, Italian, and even Russian. It was a pleasant surprise for the Tomsk guests. Besides, on the bookshelves one can find degree works and projects of students of the Technical University, which are recognized valuable and representing scientific and practical interest.
The acquaintance with the literature presented in the library brought a set of discoveries and findings, interesting not only from the professional point of view. For example, in one of the books the visitors found the photo of Alice, the girl whose image once inspired Lewis Carroll to write a well — known fairytale, «Alice in Wonderland», popular with people around the world.
The students and teachers of the Chair of Social Communications of the Tomsk State University discovered many new, useful and interesting things. They are thankful to doctor Pozner and the staff of the Center of Semiotic Research.

Author: Suchkova Natalia
Translated by Gerachshenkova Alena
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