Dear Participants!

Dear Participants!

The days of the webinar, which is going to open the Conference, are approaching. After the webinar is over the Web-Conference will be held till the end of June 2012.

I am happy to announce that we have received many interesting reports and other materials (papers, essays, video-interviews, case-studies) on the theme of the Conference. We have participants from 13 countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Republic of Chile, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, USA, and more than 20 Russian cities.

Part of the materials have already been posted on our site in appropriate sections, the rest will be appearing during the next couple of weeks. But we strongly believe that after the Conference is over this scientific-information flow will not die out. This Conference is just a part of a big long-term project ‘New-Media – New Opportunities’ which is being realized by the Department of Social Communication at National Research Tomsk State University (TSU, Russia) along with its partners on the ‘Connect-Universum’ Web-platform.

All the interesting massages and intellectual products on the eternal theme of the new media which we receive from our colleagues by e-mail will be posted on ‘Russian’ and ‘English’ pages of the website We will continue to develop not only this new intellectual network (R. Collins) but the new scientific-information resource. This resource will be available and useful for the researchers of various spheres of scientific community who are interested in new media, practitioners, and, of course, students.

We also believe that the ‘Connect-Universum’ Web-platform will continue to grow, developing new technological options. It will allow organizing and conducting different kinds of on-line activities.

Meanwhile, the three-day webinar on the 29-31 of May is the first experience of the Department of Social Communication at TSU and the Institute of Distance Education at TSU in holding such global events. We had to consider so many issues including the following: several time-zones (Eastern and Western Coasts of the USA, Eastern and Western Europe, countries of the former USSR, Russian regions); the business-travel schedules of the key-speakers; challenges involving divers soft-ware in different universities and PCs.

There is still a chance that some planned performances will not take place live on-line. But even in this case all the visitors of the website will be able to get acquainted with the articles of the key-speakers and the honorary experts on-line, ask their questions, and get responds from the authors.

Of course there was another way to hold the Conference in the first place: we could confine the conference to virtual communication on the website which would be rather usual and less risky. But I believe you agree that talking about ‘new media’ and not trying to use a “new newmedia” format of communication would be just not interesting!

At the end, I would like to thank all our foreign and Russian key-speakers and honorary experts who showed phenomenal patience and readiness to sacrifice their precious time for the sake of our common project. In spite of all the inter-cultural distinctions, time zones, and personal occupation, not a single participant refused to take part in the project. I hope that the whole audience of the webinar, including quests and visitors, will show the same patience and understanding.

I sincerely want all of you to be successful and to enjoy the process of learning something (and someone) new which actually is the goal of our project!

President of the Web-Conference Organizing Committee,
Head of the Department of Social Communication
Irina Kuzheleva-Sagan